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A Reader in Sanskrit Buddhist Texts

The present reader was created to help remedy the dearth of teaching and independent-study resources for students interested in reading Sanskrit Buddhist literature. This reader offers a selection of twenty short to medium length texts drawn from a variety of sources covering some of the major genres of Sanskrit Buddhist literature, i.e., discourses (sūtra), treatises (śāstra), commentaries (bhāṣya), and kāvya (“belles-lettres”), including hymns of praise (stotra), court epics (mahākāvya), and jātaka tales. The reader is made up of three volumes, providing the text, vocabulary, and the ancient Chinese and Tibetan translations.

Individual files:

Last updated: 2019/05/01


Bookmarks have been added to the pdf files to facilitate navigation. Please feel free to print out this reader or share the files with those who may be interested.


Every effort has been made to avoid mistakes, but this reader is still a work in progress and errors may have crept in, due to a lack of vigilance or knowledge on my part. Corrections, suggestions, or feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated, as such contributions will help improve future editions.

— Luke Gibson










— Luke Gibson(齊哲睦)

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