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2017 Summer Program:

Reading Chinese Buddhist Texts

July 31-August 25, 2017, Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, Taiwan

Promoting the study of Chinese Buddhism both in Taiwan and in the world was a lifelong endeavor of late Chan Master Sheng Yen (founder of Dharma Drum Mountain). In continuation of this mission and in response to the growing interest amongst researchers as well as Buddhist practitioners for the study of the Chinese Buddhist tradition, the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts’ Language and Translation Center together with the Department of Buddhist Studies will hold an intensive summer program held in English for the study of Chinese Buddhist texts. This program is open to both international students who wish to improve their ability to read primary sources in the original Classical Chinese as well as Chinese native speakers who wish to become proficient at using English to translate, discuss and explain Chinese Buddhist texts.


The program will center on the translation (into English) of the texts as an means of clarifying and refining one’s understanding of the original Classical Chinese and as a starting point for discussion and interpretation of the texts’ ideas. Typically students are divided into smaller groups and asked to try and translate the assigned passages at home in preparation for the classroom review and discussion. While some level of fluency in modern Chinese would be useful outside the classroom, it is not required of participants as all classroom discussions will be held in English.



I. Readings:

An introduction to this year’s texts as well as suggested readings in preparation for the classes will be sent to participants a month before the program begins. In addition to the two texts below, an optional reading course in Sanskrit Buddhist texts with reference to Chinese translations may be offered if there is sufficient interest (see application form).











II. Teachers:






















III. Application requirements:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students in fields related to Buddhist Studies or East Asian religions are welcome to apply. Applications from candidates with different backgrounds will also be considered.

  • Non-native Chinese speakers are expected to have undergone some amount of training or self-study in Classical Chinese and should possess a beginner to intermediary level of reading proficiency.

  • Non-native English speakers must be able to take part in the classroom discussions which will be held in English.



IV. Dates:

07/31/2017 - 08/25/2017 (4 weeks)



V. Schedule:












VI. Venue:

Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts

No. 620, Fagu Rd., Xihu Village, Jinshan Dist. New Taipei City 20842,

Taiwan, R.O.C.



VII. Application:

  • Please send the application form via email to the Language and Translation Center ( before May 31, 2017. The program will accept up to 14 candidates.



VIII. Expenses:

  • Successful candidates are exempted from all tuition fees.

  • Participants are expected to cover the costs for the transportation between their home cities and the program’s venue in Taiwan.

  • Participants are encouraged to apply for on-campus lodging (for a maximum of 6 weeks). On-campus dormitory offers shared rooms (two people per room) for NTD 200 per night or NTD 6000 per month.



IX. Contact:

Luke Gibson

       Phone: (+886) 224980707  ext.2280




X. Application form:


application closed


2017年7月31日- 8月25日, 法鼓文理學院(台灣)
















































































Luke Gibson (齊哲睦)

        電話:(+886) 224980707分機2280